About Us

At Revolt Techniques we value the customer and make sure to deliver the best service to our customer at elite quality with no compromise.

Our Mission Statement

Revolt Techniques’s mission is to build systems that not only make life easier for customers but convenient in every way, at a level never seen before.

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Our Vision Statement

Revolt Techniques’s vision statement is simplifying the lives of customers and business technologically. Basically the vision is automating systems that require human effort to improve efficiency and effort. The automation implementation to the client is done at improving  communication too. The vision is to have our systems installed and implemented throughout the market. A life made easy by Revolt Techniques.

Core Values

We are committed to the
highest standards of safety, health and environmental management
throughout all phases of operations.



Our role as Revolt Techniques is to take on tasks and execute them to standard as promised with professionalism and accurateness, to ensure that we surpass the client’s expectations. We strive to uphold the quality and integrity in doing right the first time we execute a task.

Policy Statement

Revolt Techniques's objectives are to promote true understanding of quality service and workmanship at all levels within the company. It is with this commitment that we ensure that our client requirements are satisfied and their expectations and needs are realized.

One of our biggest focuses as a company is to empower the previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them opportunities to acquire experience, skills and to give them an idea of where or what they can become in this life, as not everyone is given the opportunity to do so. Giving them a imagination that is possible, whilst giving them a chance to develop their skills through our business to help them live their dream.

Equality is exercised effectively at Revolt Techniques, by that, We serve to give both male and female fair treatment and we do not discriminate to any degree. We believe an employee is an asset, an investment. So what you put into to your employees is proportional to the effort you receive from them